Club Grounds

Doonbeg Football Grounds is situated just outside Doonbeg village on the Kilkee road and  is named after two men from the parish who died in 1920.  Willie Shanahan and Michael McNamara were both members of the club and are buried in the Republican Plot in Doonbeg Cemetery.

The ground was purchased from the Land Commission in 1961 for £300. A tremendous amount of work has gone into the development of the grounds over the years and the facilities present there today justify its status as a Secondary County Grounds.
Facilities include playing pitch, dressings rooms, covered seated stand, running track, public toilets, spacious car park, meeting room and storage sheds.

The following excerpt, written by Tom Humphries of the Irish Times gives a visitor's view on our grounds: “Nothing makes a deeper impression on the visitor that the Shanahan McNamara Memorial Grounds. Like a field of dreams it looms on the horizon as you leave the village. A long stand stretches three quarters the length of the sideline. A massive car park welcomes you. The pitch is lush, wide, flat, well drained and neatly enclosed. Around the perimeter wall runs an all-weather running track. Players access the pitch from the dressing rooms via a subterranean tunnel. The pitch outside Doonbeg speaks more elegantly than anything else of the passion for football here. Not a penny is left outstanding on this magnificent facility which would shame most county grounds.”